Hotel Christiania


Hotel Christiania is a 5 star hotel close to the ski slopes and the ski school.

Family rooms are available as suites, bunk beds or with adjoining rooms.

The restaurant is excellent. They prefer for children to eat earlier. The restaurant will prepare kid-friendly meals earlier than the regular dinner hour. You can choose between a variety of healthy meals (chicken, fish, pasta, burgers) which are served with vegetables.

There is a ski room on the ground floor which has adequate space for storage and changing. During peak times though it can be a bit of a scrum.

There is a kids' room which is open during the adult dinner hour. It's got arts and crafts and other games. Older children also are allowed to hang out with their iPads in the extensive lounge while their parents eat.

Both the breakfast buffet and the dinner buffet are excellent. There are better lunch choices than the hotel in town. We sat next to the King of Norway and his party once at dinner!

The staff and service are excellent.



Email: [email protected]

Phone: +33 (0)4 79 06 08 25