Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel


Large hotel (168 rooms) with an enormous spa, 4 restaurants and 12 meeting rooms. The hotel has been operational since 1868 and has played host from everyone from Charlie Chaplin to Tina Turner.

It’s not the place to stay if you want a cozy little hideaway. On the other hand, this hotel is luxury personified and excellent service. For example, the member who suggested this hotel said they had been coming to this hotel for years with children. This year when they arrived with a newborn, they were given a free upgrade to a grand suite.

The impeccable service extends to the children. Children are made to feel welcome with a dedicated children’s play corner. Even if you don’t use the children’s corner, there are lots of little freebies for the children that make them feel special.




Phone: +41 (0)21 613 33 33