I have been travelling since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.  Apparently my mother took me to New Delhi on an airplane when I was 3 months old.  

My earliest travel memory? I remember being 7 years old and sitting next to my mother on a LONG flight on Air India to Bombay while she was holding my sleeping 2 month old brother.  In the 1970's, you had to pay for your own headphones if you wanted to watch the TV screen in front of the cabin.  My parents were too cheap to pay for headphones for me.  To make it worse, the entire economy class was filled with the suffocating smell of Indian food. My parents relented on our stop-over in London on our return flight. They bought me a little blonde English doll with a hot pink raincoat which I treasured growing up in the suburbs of New York.  It was a beyond exotic treasured possession because it was associated with this trip.

Living far away from your parents seems to be a family tradition that I have upheld.  We travel every few months with our children from London where we currently live to visit my parents who still live in the USA. 

So, yes, we travel a lot and it seems only natural that I progress to being a travel blogger.  If you haven't already done so, do check out my travel blog, Just Go Places Blog.

I prefer to use travel information recommended by friends and family.  If you know the person, you know the standards they expect.  A recommendation, therefore, becomes much more useful in deciding if you would like the same destination or activity as well.

This directory is a collection of family-friendly hotels, restaurants and activities that are recommended by the members of the Just Go Places community.  It's crowd-sourced from a select group of travel-loving families who appreciate luxury, culture and food. It contains a range of places from 3 stars to above which provide value for money.  

Sure, you could stay in the usual suspects such as the 5-star hotels with international name recognition and have a great luxury, family stay.  You don't really need a directory for that experience though.  It's much harder to find great smaller, lesser-known hotels (or specific hotels that are part of a larger chain) that have certain express value-added benefits for the luxury family traveller.

I hope you find the Just Go Places directory useful too.